Stone L Lintel

This Lintel is used to support 215mm leaf of solid stonework on the outer face of a traditional cavity wall.

The Lintel should have a minimum end bearing of 150mm at each end.

DPC -Damp Proof Course should be installed over external leaf and lintel. Stonework should not overhang front flange by more than 25mm.

These lintels are manufactured from mild steel pide with a galvanised finish.

Lintel Sizes
Suitable for 225mm stonework

Lengths available (mm): 600-800-1000-1200-1400-1600-1800-2000-2200-2400-2600-2800-3000.

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This Lintel type can also be supplied to facilitate various depth of stone eg 100-125-150-175mm etc. For further information or quotations please contact our office on 0876159929


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